New Phone Buy Back



ALL phones/tablets are subjected to the SPEX (Stolen and Lost Property Index) screening via 
ALL cases of dishonesty and fraud of any kind will be reported. Sellers’ particulars and devices will be detained and handover to The Singapore Police Force.

Terms and Conditions

  1. New phones must be brand new & unused. Please check with us if you have more than 2 sets to sell
  2. NO DEDUCTION even if there is no purchase with us
  3. NO DEDUCTION for unseal set (Open)
  4. Original Telco/Retailers’ receipts required bearing the same IMEI number (Hardcopy)
  5. All items and contents must be complete with their original wrappers/protectors, etc
  6. Apple Products (ACTIVATED Sets -$30 onward depending on models)
  7. We reserve the rights to reject any offers at our sole discretion without giving any specific reasons
  8. Buy-back price is subjected to change without prior notice and shall be applicable only at times of transaction
  9. Pls restrain from calling as we do not quote over the phones
  10. As require by Singapore Police Force, sellers are require to produce their ID/passport/work permit/etc upon transaction


Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
iPhone 11 64gb Purple$960
iPhone 11 64gb Green$960
iPhone 11 64gb White$950
iPhone 11 64gb Black$950
iPhone 11 64gb Yellow$950
iPhone 11 64gb Red$950
iPhone 11 128gb Purple$1070
iPhone 11 128gb Green$1060
iPhone 11 128gb White$1060
iPhone 11 128gb Black$1060
iPhone 11 128gb Yellow $1060
iPhone 11 128gb Red$1060
iPhone 11 256gb Purple$1165
iPhone 11 256gb Green$1165
iPhone 11 256gb White$1160
iPhone 11 256gb Black$1160
iPhone 11 256gb Yellow$1160
iPhone 11 256gb Red$1160
iPhone 11 Pro 64gb Green$1360
iPhone 11 Pro 64gb Gold$1360
iPhone 11 Pro 64gb Grey$1360
iPhone 11 Pro 64gb Silver$1360
iPhone 11 Pro 256gb Green$1605
iPhone 11 Pro 256gb Gold$1590
iPhone 11 Pro 256gb Grey$1580
iPhone 11 Pro 256gb Silver$1570
iPhone 11 Pro 512gb Green$1730
iPhone 11 Pro 512gb Gold$1720
iPhone 11 Pro 512gb Grey$1720
iPhone 11 Pro 512gb Silver$1720
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64gb Green$1490
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64gb Gold$1490
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64gb Grey$1490
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64gb Silver$1480
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb Green$1760
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb Gold$1750
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb Grey$1750
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb Silver$1740
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb Green$1830
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb Gold$1830
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb Grey$1830
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb Silver$1830
Airpods Pro$340
AirPods 2$170 (Wireless +$30)
Apple Pencil 2$100
iPhone Xr 64GB$650
iPhone Xr 128GB$730
iPhone Xr 256GB$830
iPad Air 10.5 2019 LTE 64gb$700
iPad Air 10.5 2019 LTE 256gb$800
iPad Pro 11 LTE 64gb$1050
iPad Pro 11 LTE 256gb$1280
iPad Pro 11 LTE 512gb$1400
iPad Mini 5 64gb Cellular $650
iPad Mini 5 256gb Cellular $820
iPad 10.2 (2019) 32gb WiFi$400
iPad 10.2 (2019) 128gb WiFi$530
iPad 10.2 (2019) 32gb Cellular$480
iPad 10.2 (2019) 128gb Cellular$700
Apple Watch Series 5 GPS (40mm / 44mm)$450 / $$500
Apple Watch Series 5 CELLULAR (40mm / 44mm)$550 / $600


Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
Vivo Y19$220
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Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
Google Pixel 4 64gb + Nest Hub$900 (Black -$50)
Google Pixel 4 128gb + Nest Hub$1050
Google Pixel 4 XL 64gb + Nest Hub$1180
Google Pixel 4 XL 128gb + Nest Hub$1280
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Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
Watch GT 2 46mm Sport$170
Watch GT 2 46mm Classic$210
Watch GT 2 46mm Elite$230
Mate 30 (Includes Premium)$660
Mate 30 Pro (Includes Premium)$890
Freebud 3$150
Freebud Lite$50
Nova 5T$380
Mediapad T5 10.1$220
P30 Lite$235
P30 (Aurora)$580
P30 (Black)$580
P30 (Crystal)$580
P30 Pro (Aurora)$790
P30 Pro (Black)$800
P30 Pro (Crystal)$800
P30 Pro (Mystic Blue)$800
P30 Pro (Misty Lavender)$810
Y6 Pro 2019$110


Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
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Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
Note 10$860
Note 10 Plus 256gb$980
Note 10 Plus 512gb$1170
Wireless Powerbank 10000mah$25
JBL Under Armour Wireless Earphone $80
Harman Kardon Speaker $70
S10 Plus 128gb$810
S10 Plus 512gb$880
S10 Plus 1TB$980
Tab A 2019 8.0 LTE$170
Tab A 2019 10.1 LTE$330
Tab A 2019 10.1 Wifi$240
Tab S5e 64GB 4G + Flip Cover$500
Tab S5e 128GB 4G + Flip Cover$630
Tab S6 128gb LTE$820
Tab S6 256gb LTE$980
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Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
Reno 2$530
Reno 2 Z$400
A9 2020$300
A5 2020$200
Reno Z$270
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Brand / ModelNew Phone Buy-Back Value
Mi Note 10 Pro 256gb$650 (Green -$30)
Mi Note 10 128gb$550 (Green -$30)
Redmi Note 8 64gb$180
Redmi Note 8 Pro 128gb$270
Redmi 8$135
Redmi 8A$120
Mi 9 128gb$460
Mi 9 64gb$360